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Joan Cashman is the inspiration behind the company, Colour and Image Academy, a unique centre that specialises in all aspects of makeup and image consultancy training. Joan has used her extensive experience in teaching makeup and image to leading consultants throughout Europe, Ireland and the UK and this is what led her to set up this landmark Academy. Her training techniques and unique approach enable both men and women to excel in this very competitive business. Another part of the Academy provides comprehensive image consultancy services.

Joan has been styling the nation with over 20 years. She works with large and small corporate companies and also advises both men and women on a one-to-one basis.The Academy was created to attract top, highly talented people who are interested in careers in “Fashion Styling”, “Makeup Artistry” and “Personal Shoppers” and she recently announced her collaboration with Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School in Dublin.

Joan’s professional experience in Image Consultancy has spanned decades, she has had a long and distinguished career being head of Colour Me Beautiful in Ireland and her vast international experience as global trainer led to the launch of her award winning Colour and Image Academy. Her high standards of work earned her the coveted ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’and she proudly continues to hold her record as one of Europe’s leading award winning Image Consultants.

Joan works extensively in the field of Cosmetic Camouflage and as a makeup artist with some of the leading names in the business. She hosts “image for business” days with large corporations, to training personnel from our well known department stores nationwide. She’s a regular contributor to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle magazines and is a favourite with Irish modelling agencies and VIPs to do styling and photocalls. She works with TV3, gives advice on radio chat shows and recently added to her awards by winning the inaugural Rabot Tweetie Top Twitter Awards for Fashion two years in a row – 2013 & 2014 – plus winning The Hi Awards “Stylist of the Year” Tia Maria Style Awards 2015.

Joan says, “It’s my pleasure to help men and women feel confident in their style so that they can confidently pull their look together every day with ease”
Joan and her husband two grown up children and a busy and rewarding family life.


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