Make Up Lessons

Does your makeup bag need a ruthless sort out? Are you sure the way you apply your make up does you credit? Do you save money by always buying the right colours, or is it a question of trial or error and a couple of dozen lipsticks, all in the wrong shade?

Applying make-up properly is an important skill and it has been reported recently that a quarter of employers admitted that they were more likely to employ a woman who wore make-up than a woman who didn’t.  Contact us for more information!

Visit the Colour and Image Academy in Cork City or Limerick, Ireland for a private or group consultation and you will learn:

  • How to best care for your skin
  • How to create a fast and simple make-up routine
  • How to choose the right colours for your skin tone, eyes and face shape
  • How to apply the perfect make-up to reflect your style personality and lifestyle
  • How to easily create a glamorous look for evening and special occasions
  • How to achieve a long-lasting look.

Why not bring your own make-up and we can sort through what works and what doesn’t.

If you find this area interesting and would like information on our Makeup Artistry Training Courses click here

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