Mens Fashion and Image Consultation

Do you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to making decisions about your wardrobe, colours and style? Simply hate shopping and always buy the wrong thing? Or just need a helping hand to get it right?

If you help to be yourself in a way that makes the world take notice, then let us help you. By understanding your colouring, build, personality and lifestyle we can advise you on how to make the correct choices on:


  • Selecting colours that complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance
  • Combining colours and patterns for formal and casual wear
  • The best options for jackets, shirts and trousers for your build
  • Getting the right fit
  • Developing a coordinated wardrobe, ensuring that you get value for money out of any clothing investments
  • How your hair, accessories and eyewear can affect your image
  • Personal shopping service

Contact us and we can arrange for a private consultation in one of our academies based in Cork or Limerick in the South West of Ireland.

If you find this area interesting and would like information on our Men’s Image Courses click here

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