Mens Fashion and Image Training

Men are realising that image and grooming are not the sole preserve of women and that it is becoming an everyday concern.

They are also realising that it is an essential ingredient to success in social interaction, life and work.

The Men’s Style & Image Training is tailored to cover these concerns over the period of two days our Colour and Image Academy based in Cork City or Limerick in the South West of Ireland.  Contact us for more information!

The training will cover:

  • Colour & pattern
  • Dressing for work & pleasure
  • Dressing for increased powers of communication
  • Building a wardrobe that works for your clients’ lifestyle
  • Create an image with your client by taking into consideration body type, personality, scale, grooming and personal care
  • We will also teach you how to advise companies who wish to endorse the relaxed dress code approach.
  • Course includes accompanying manual complete with notes and certificate.


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