Personal Shopping


After your personal style consultation in Cork, together we will organise a personal shopping trip to find these brand-new elements of your style. Everything we discussed – complimentary colours, clothing silhouettes, accessories, and even the finer details of makeup – will be condensed into a day of exciting shopping to reinvent your style.


Your Day with a Personal Shopper

Your personal shopping experience will see you visiting shops with me and will roughly take around 2 hours. We will begin with agreeing a plan of action and which shops to visit before we leave the Colour and Image studio. We will first visit high-street shops that accommodate your budget, and seek clothing pieces for everyday wear all the way up to occasion wear. Then, if you’d like, we can visit makeup shops and designer clothing stores.

My own input will be honest yet polite as I advise on the best clothing and accessories to compliment your figure and skin tone. We’ll conclude by going through your purchases together and making sure you fully understand how each item works together to create several different outfits and fill the gaps in your wardrobe. This is why The Colour and Image Academy provides so much more than personal shopping in Cork, because I consciously centre on your own unique style, lifestyle, and budget.


The Colour and Image Academy is inclusive of all body types, body shapes, and ages, so regardless of what you are looking for I will be able to source everyday essentials and stand-out occasion wear with you. Your personal shopping experience is a healthy mix of my guidance as your personal stylist and your own taste, so we will work together to find you beautiful clothing items and accessories than can be mixed and matched with others to create multiple looks to help you shine.


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