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Reinvent your image in Cork

Do you need help to stand out from the crowd, build your confidence, and express your personal style to make the best first impression? Reinventing your image with the Colour and Image Academy is unique to you, and our extensive range of services will help you revamp and refresh your style in a personalised, budget-friendly way.


Personal Stylist (€150)

As your personal stylist, we will learn about your unique style, personality, and lifestyle so that each item of clothing we source is practical as well as chic. We then analyse your hair colour, eyes and skin tone, and assess your body shape to find clothing pieces that can be combined to make multiple outfits that suit your complexion and figure. We understand all skin colours, complexions, body types and shapes, to suit your personality and budget, so our services are truly open to everyone. Find out more about our Style and Personal Shopping services.


Colour Analysis and Makeup (€150)

For you personally, revamping your wardrobe may mean adding more colour. Whether it’s a subtle splash or you want to go bright and bold, colour is a fun and playful way to express your style and personality. Adding colour doesn’t detract from professionalism, in fact it can help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, but sometimes it may be difficult to learn which colours suit you. Our colour analysis and makeup consultations will help you find the colour palettes that suit your complexion and personal style, so you can play with colours that compliment you in both clothes and makeup. Find out more about our Colour Analysis and Makeup services.


Makeup Lessons (€75)

Makeup lessons in Cork will help you to understand your face shape, the colours and shades you should be using, and where to add contour and light. Our makeup lessons teach you how to make the most of your eyes, how best to care for your skin, how to create everyday and statement makeup looks, and how to enhance your face shape and features. We will teach you the correct application for more natural and bolder looks so you are ready for every occasion. Find out more about our Makeup Lessons.


Bridal Makeup Lessons and Style Consultations

On your big day, you want to look radiant. Receiving our bridal makeup lessons will help you to practice your makeup before the big day, or we can do your makeup for you as your bridal makeup artist. Whether you are seeking natural and dewy or glowing and radiant, we will help you to exude elegance and confidence. We also provide style advice to ensure your dress suits your shape and personal style as well as the correct shades of white or cream for your dress to best compliment your skin complexion, and can also advise on the groom’s colour palette and suit fitting. Find out more about our Bridal Makeup and Style Consultations.


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