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Style Consultation & Personal shopping

Unsure which styles are most flattering?

A Style Consultation will teach you how to get the most out of your wardrobe so you look great and feel comfortable in every situation. We cover everything from your head to your toes!

Visit the Colour and Image Academy in Cork City for a private style consultation and:

  • You will discover how to select the most flattering clothes for your body shape
  • You will discover why certain fabrics suit you more than others
  • You will learn how to select styles to make your wardrobe suit your personality and lifestyle
  • You will find the best hairstyles and glasses for your face shape and colouring
  • You will find out where to shop for your look this season
  • You will receive a personalized style workbook

It’s all about confidence, when you look good you feel great!

Personal Shopper

  • This shopping trip will take up to 2 hours.
  • We will start by agreeing a plan of action in my studio…. before heading off to the shops.
  • We will select the  best options of clothes (from smart casual to occasion wear!) to suit your colouring, shape, lifestyle and personality.
  • We will select outfits and accessories for you to try on and generally provide honest direction on what to buy…. I usually start with the high street stores and go from there…
  • The session is then completed by going through all the purchases with you and making sure you fully understand how the items work together to create several outfits and fill the gaps in your wardrobe

If you find this area interesting and would like information on our Stylist Training Courses click here

 Contact us for more information!

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